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CHICAGO-A young Chicago entrepreneur explodes in the fashion industry with her unique handbags and the Original Coin Purse ®. Shatira took a simple idea and a knackfor art and fashion to design handbags that have become “must have” accessories for women around the world, from her basement at home in Chicago!

Shatira’s vivacious spirit and never quit attitude is paying off. Nationwide top journalists and radio personalities are acclaiming her as an entrepreneur with smarts and pizzazz. Shatira quit her job working for the government to invest in her dream, to open a Childrens day care facility. However, one afternoon due to boredom, she decided to put her heart into designing a handbag that would stand out from any other at home in her basement, never expecting to become a fashion designer.

Suddenly due to high demand, Shatira launched her company on the World Wide Web by securing www.SHATIRA.com and www.OriginalCoinPurse.com this took her once “word of mouth” company to an international level. She is now booking orders and has sold out of stock several times! This savvy businesswoman believes in doing it herself. With little computer knowledge, she designed and launched her own website. She searched for manufactures, registered her products, securing her trademarks, and even self promotes her business. She takes the advice from professionals and puts it into action.

Shatira and her signature handbags have featured on television, radio, and print, Including an invite to be a guest on The Sharon Osbourne Show! Shatira’s fabulous designs have also featured in several magazines such as, Ebony, UsWeekly, Savoy, Star, Upscale, Jones, Playgirl, Melanin, and has even graced the pages of the #1 fashion magazine in the United States, INSTYLE!

Shatira was also nominated for the Chicago designer of
the year award! However, Chicagoans not only love Shatira handbags, several Hollywood Celebrities can be spotted carrying a Shatira beauty! One of Shatira's favorite Hollywood clients is Vivica A. Fox who owns at least 15 Shatira handbags!

Shatira seizes every opportunity that comes along, and takes something positive from every experience. She turned a once in a lifetime chance, to have her handbags featured on television's first of it's kind, daytime reality series “STARTING OVER!” into a reality, by having a Shatira bag appear on NBC stations nationwide.

Always overcoming obstacles, Shatira introduced a one-of-a-kind purse that features genuine coins. She even has a disclaimer that states her company is not affiliated with the U.S. Government in any way. Shatira shares her story with others to encourage them to follow their dreams. Her next goal is to be on the Oprah Winfrey Show, & The
Tyra Banks Show

Shatira's ® line of handbags are chic, must have accessories. These handbags are designed with a flare for glamour, and created with ideal features and exquisite quality in vibrant rich interior/exterior colors. These sleek crafted bags compliment any wardrobe. Shatira bags are definitely for the lady who wants to stand out in a crowd and make a statement of class.

As a designer taking fashion by storm, Shatira’s continued goal is to create handbags that are affordable, unique, and glamorous… with the fashion conscious individual, business woman, and average mom in mind. Most importantly she offers quality to her customers.

Shatira is a designer who is making a difference. She believes in giving back and helping others. Her success is guaranteed with a positive attitude, and business smarts.
Shatira is one of Chicago's very own finest designer's with remarkable “taste in fashion”.

email: Shatira@Shatira.com
Phone (773) 552-1603

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