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DISCLAIMER The Original Coin Purse™ is not affiliated with the United States Goverment in anyway. Shatira™ created the designs with genuine United States Coins, never fraudulently altering, defacing, mutilating, impairing, diminishing, falsifying, scaling, or lightens of the coins in any way, naming the handbags The Original Coin Purse. Shatira is a national registered Trademark which distinguises products labeled with Shatira. Reg No 3,065,902 The Original Coin Purse is a registerd Trademark owned and operated by Shatira. The name Shatira and "where status changes"™ are Trademarks registered and owned by Shatira and operated for Shatira. The Original Coin Purse logo is a Trademark owned and operated by shatira for shatira. The Original Coin Purse design is a registerd trademark owned and operated by Shatira which, distinguishes handbags decorated or designed with coins. *Read about our most frequently asked question* Is this legal?

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The Shatira.com online store is secured ,
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